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Children's Hunger Fund


Feeding the hungry at home and abroad. Food, clothing and medicines aid children in impoverished countries and in America's inner-cities.

Real Life


You Helped Stop a Depressed Mother from Killing Herself and Her Children

She stood there with a box of poison in her hand. She hoped that her four children would not notice the taste when she fed them their last meal. In her despair, she believed that she was showing mercy by helping her children escape this painful world.

Mrs. Lama had once enjoyed a normal life in Kathmandu, Nepal. Then one day, her husband sold all of their property and disappeared with another man's wife. His income was all they had, and now it was gone.

On many nights, she put the children to bed crying over the pain in their growling stomachs. Without skills or training, she had no way to feed her children. She had lost all hope.

One of her neighbors saw her with the poison and discovered her intentions. This neighbor, a Christian, began to share with her about the life-changing hope he had found in Jesus, and convinced her to abandon her dark plan.

For several weeks, friends from the local church visited Mrs. Lama and her children. They brought plenty of food, and continued to share with her the truth that there is a community of friends at the church who love her, and that eternal hope is available to her through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Today, Mrs. Lama is building a new life. She washes clothes for income and has even been able to save for educational supplies. She is planning for her children's future.

Through your monthly gifts to Children's Hunger Fund, you supply the food that churches need to deliver hope to families like this every day.