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Relief International


You see war zones. Or hungry children. Or suffering. You think: "There must be something I can do." There is. Donate to Relief International. Every day, we are working to end poverty, hunger and suffering in some of the world's most fragile communities.

Real Life

A quote from a husband and wife residing in the IDP (Internally Displaced Camps) camps of the Azerbaijan Republic (former Soviet Republic):

"Since February 1992, I left Khojali by force.Before the war I had five children.During the war three of them - two daughters and one son died, other two sons are disabled.I am taking care of eight childs of my died son (my grandchildren).I am also victim of war.I am 75 years old.I was living in the tent in Oguz District since I became an IDP (Internally Displaced Person).From October 1995, I live in the settlement Azerbaijan-60 which was built by Relief International.I appreciate to the organization who built this houses.We appreciate all humanitarian organizations who helps us."

Zeynalov Ibrahim
Zeynalova Durdana