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Cancer Aid & Prevention Fund


CANCER: a families gravest threat. Malnutrition a doorway for this deadly disease. Please help us prevent this deadly epidemic by providing fresh fruits and vegetables and life-saving medical supplies to the most vulnerable.

Real Life

My name is Mary Jane Duque and my husband's name is Gilberto Duque and his job is driving a tri-bike with a passenger carriage.I am a housewife with 7 children aging from 15,10,9,7,6,4 and 1 1/2 years old.One of my children is living with my parents due to poverty and inability to provide for all of them.I allow my child to go to them so I can send my second child to go to school and sometimes he try to help with what he can to earn some money.

My husband earns P 300.00 a day ($6) .I have a hard time budgeting it with our expenses like food and my childrens lunch money.Sometimes it gets harder when the tricycle breaks down.He pays P 150.00/day ($3) to get the tricycle moving and so he can use it to earn a living.

But since the Feeding Program established, it helped us tremendously because for all my children, they can eat a meal that is nutritious.After they eat the meal they don't have to eat again in the evening.I am very thankful to the sponsors of the Feeding's a big thing for me to have the Feeding Program in our place and I am thankful that I became a part of it and most of all my children.