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Child Molesters Behind Bars - Keeping Children Safe


Help rescue American children from molesters! We help law enforcement get the tools they need to catch and prosecute thousands of child predators and rescue kids from exploitation, torture and abuse.

Real Life

Being in a small police agency on a very limited budget, we often have to go without the right tools we need to do our jobs. Occasionally we get assistance from larger neighboring agencies who do have some of these tools, but sometimes they aren't available or we feel like we are pestering them with so many requests for help. A Cellebrite cell phone data retrieval device was one such tool that we simply couldn't afford on our own, but The Innocent Justice Foundation was able to obtain grant funding on our behalf for such a purchase. As a result of having this tool, we have recovered child pornography images off a suspect's cell phone and have used the device in numerous other types of crimes as well. This tool has been so effective I feel embarrassed looking back at the effort we made for victims prior to having it. TIJF's CEO was super efficient and a real pleasure to work with. She had great communication skills every step of the way and obviously is very passionate about what she does. She frequently signed off her emails with the Winston Churchill quote "Give us the tools and we will finish the job", which I now have posted in my office as a reminder of the difference we can now make. - A California Law Enforcement Agency