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Child Rescue International


Abandoned children, orphaned, hungry, lost and lonely, living in bleak institutions in Romania, Moldova and war torn areas of Ukraine,need hope and love. Your support helps us save and change their lives!

Real Life

Child Rescue International works with children in several hundred government operated homes (boarding schools, orphanages) in Moldova, Ukraine and Romania. Each child in these Homes is a tragic story. State-run Homes cannot provide enough food, clothing and education, so we help. One thing the Homes lack is the commonality and close kinship of a family. This factor adversely affects their lives. C.R.I.'s Emotional Support program helps children when they feel most alone and vulnerable. We do this through a three-year curriculum on six major topics: communication, self-esteem, relationships, safety and protection, conflict management, and growth/development. These types of assistance, coupled with our sponsorship program helps children know there are people who care for them. In addition, we supply additional food, clothing, hygiene supplies and upgrades to facilities. We also offer vocation training to the older children. Giving them a skill or trade will enable them to provide for themselves once they are no longer eligible to live in the home.

C.R.I. is not only "here today," we are "here tomorrow." We provide for the urgent and long-term needs of orphaned, abandoned and disadvantaged children.