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Humane Society International


Ending animal abuse globally: dog-meat consumption; animal parts trade (rhino horn, ivory, seal fur, shark fins); street dog welfare programs, and more. Help end cruelty!

Real Life

On a frigid January day in Washington, DC, 23 dogs made history: They were the first dogs rescued from the Korean dog meat trade. They arrived in the United States ready to start their new lives as companions, not food. Thanks to Humane Society International, its global partners and a Korean farmer's compassion, these dogs were given a second chance.

Of the 23 dogs, a fuzzy puppy named Snowball captured the hearts of animal lovers worldwide. In a short HSI video, Snowball's endless energy, sweet face and nonstop kisses stole the show. He became the face of HSI's fight against the dog meat trade. In South Korea, 1 to 1.2 million dogs are eaten annually, most of them bred to meet demand. Their short lives are bleak, often ending in brutal and inhumane slaughter.

HSI is reaching out to Korean dog meat farmers to help them transition into other activities. It's a good time for the change; the approaching 2018 Winter Olympics are bringing more attention to the country, and dog meat has very little approval worldwide. HSI is working with its allies to stop the worst cruelties of the trade and to reduce the demand for dog meat by increasing public awareness. Snowball's case is a particularly poignant example. HSI worked with the farmer to shift to a new line of work; these days, he grows blueberries, not dogs.

Back in the US, Snowball's sweet face garnered attention from media and individuals alike. A network of rescues and shelters helped the 23 Korean dogs find homes, and their stories are changing the face of the dog meat trade. HSI is bringing the practice into the light, offering alternatives for dog meat farmers and helping build a better world for animals.