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Lymphoma Foundation of America


Mission:_ We fund medical research to cure lymphoma and develop new treatments._ Provide compassionate patient/family support services. Referrals to specialists._ Nurse-counseling._ Patient financial help.

Real Life

"Better get your affairs in order.You have about two months to live," the doctor said.My wife and I sat there . . . crying.

"That was many years ago.I had stage 4-BE non-hodgkin lymphoma.More swollen lymph nodes appearing every day.The cancer had metastasized to my liver.There was a mass in my abdomen, shutting down one kidney and blocking my bowel.Another tumor pressing on my lungs.I was desperate. Thankfully, I found the Lymphoma Foundation of America.

Here's what they did:
  • helped me get a second opinion at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore
  • connected me with experts at Dana-Farber, MD Anderson, and Stanford
  • referred me to the top lymphoma pathologist at the National Institutes of Health who evaluated my biopsy slides
  • identified the National Cancer Institute clinical trial where I received experimental chemotherapy
  • helped me locate a support group to join
  • gave me encouragement when I wanted to explore complementary therapies like acupuncture and Chinese herbs
  • educated me about the link between chemical pesticides and lymphoma (I worked in a flower and garden center)

I'm Ron.I'm alive and well today.Lymphoma Foundation of America SAVED MY LIFE!

Please give generously. This wonderful charity is supported by donations from individuals.Your gift -- whether large or small -- is very much appreciated.Their CFC pledge number is: 10068.

Let's join together to cure lymphoma.Miracles can happen! I'm one of them."