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Safe Kids Worldwide


Preventable injuries are the leading cause of death to children in the US. Your support will help Safe Kids reach millions of families through educational events and awareness efforts to protect kids from car crashes, drowning, fires and more.

Real Life

InPalm Beach County, Florida, a mom attended a Safe Kids car seat check-up eventwhere one of our certificated technicians helped her install car seats for hertwo sons, who were then one and three years-old.

Afew weeks later, after picking her sons up from daycare, she was stopped at ared light when, suddenly, a driver hit their car from behind. Her car waspushed forward and propelled into the middle of an intersection where it washit four more times by oncoming vehicles.

Oneof the car seats was split in half and the other was damaged by fire. It was acrash that no one should have survived, yet both boys came out with only minorinjuries. Their mother suffered a severe injury from the accident, butthankfully, she survived and is doing much better.

Afterthe accident, the mom reached out to the Safe Kids technician who originallyinstalled her sons’ car seats, with this simple message: “Hi, I’m not sure ifyou remember me, but you saved my family’s life.”

Inmost cases, our technicians do not get that personal “thank you,” yet everyyear tens of thousands of volunteers give their time to help parents keep theirkids safe. Safe Kids has now checked over 1.5 million car seats.