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Best Buddies for Children and Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities


Children with intellectual disabilities often experience loneliness and isolation. Change their futures by matching them with volunteers and creating extraordinary friendships (Best Buddies) for life!

Real Life

Meet Trae and Jesyah in Tennessee. Two middle school boys that do the normal things friends in middle school do. Play X-Box. Swim. Eat McDonalds. Go bowling. Trae and Jesyah's friendship is just like any other except for one small detail, Trae has Down Syndrome.But this has no effect on Trae and Jesyah's friendship whatsoever.They are just two boys hanging out and having fun!

Although now Trae spends his time doing typical teenage stuff, things were very different before he met Jesyah. Trae's first time ever being dropped off at a friend's was when Jesyah invited him over to play video games and make pizza. Going to a friend's house may not seem like a big deal to some, but Trae's excitement when he returned home was a testament to the importance of that invite. Weeks later, Trae was still talking about how much fun he had with his buddy.

Every Halloween Trae dresses up as Batman, but each year, Batman was solo without his partner, Robin. This year, when Trae showed up to his chapter's Halloween party, Jesyah surprised him in a Robin costume. After years and years of dressing up alone, Trae found his superhero sidekick!

Best Buddies has without a doubt changed Trae's life, but it has also changed Jesyah. He stands up for people with special needs and lets others know about his friendship with Trae. He joined Best Buddies not knowing what to expect and before he knew it, he had met his best friend.