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Mercy Housing, Inc.


Home is a foundation that stabilizes lives; Mercy provides affordable housing for people in need with services focused on improving health, education and financial stability.

Real Life

Mercy Housing serves 135,000 individuals each day in over 40,000 homes across the country. We provide program-enriched housing for families, seniors and people with special needs who lack the economic resources to access quality, safe housing opportunities. Your support helps Mercy residents like Ann.

My name is Ann and I have lived at a Mercy Housing property for 17 months. I came from a place where you have your own room, but you share a bathroom with 11 other women. I was homeless before that. Now I have my own kitchen and my own bathroom - my own apartment! I have my own mailbox. When someone sends a package, they buzz my room to let me know. I`m 45 years old and I finally have my first apartment! But it`s more than a roof over my head.

I participate in the art program here. It relieves me to put my stress on paper. I have a piece I did that has beautiful grass and dandelions blowing in the wind with buildings in the background and a bright clear sky. Things look a lot different when you`re on top of a high rise. That is what the building represents to me - the different levels of life. The higher you go - the better your view is and the further you can see out. I think that is true for various things - education, life, job. You can achieve more if you venture out beyond ground level.