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Childhood Cancer Research for a Cure


Worldwide, a child is diagnosed every 2 minutes. Funding research is a child's best hope for a cure. Help us save lives.

Real Life

The statistic is staggering: "Every 3 minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer." At age eight, Avery was bright, outgoing and talented. Who would have thought it could happen to her? But it did. In June 2011, she was diagnosed with pilocytic astrocytoma, a brain tumor, and became one of the 175,000 kids worldwide who are afflicted every year with cancer. Avery endured a craniotomy that removed about 60% of her tumor along with three months of steroids and eight rounds of chemotherapy. She recently completed the last of her treatments but lost her hair and all of her peripheral sight in the process.

If anyone could handle this, it is Avery. Her mom is proud of her never-faltering "can-do" attitude. "Some people get cancer and others don't. This is just what I have to deal with," says this courageous girl who continues to color, paint and work with clay. Avery also loves music and has a beautiful singing voice, learning to play the piano so she can serenade her huge extended family and her many friends.

Averylooks forward to the promise of a future: "When I grow up , I want to be an oncology child life specialist so I can work with kids with cancer."

For a child battling cancer, research is the best hope for a cure but there's a big difference between the need for funding and the money available. That's where the St. Baldrick's Foundation steps in to bridge the gap so more kids like Avery can have the hope to look ahead, realize dreams and live long, healthy lives.